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Indicative Projects

Indicative Projects

Provision of our services in Project Management and Defense Dept Management for the execution of the following projects between Mevaco S.A. (http://www.mevaco.gr) and  Intracom Defense Electronics (I.D.E. S.A.)



In total 4 main contracts and 6 contracts for spare parts,

Time Period: June 2011 – August 2014

Successful Completion of all


In total 6 main contracts and 9 contracts for spare parts

Time Period: June 2015 – until today

For the execution of abovementioned contracts, facilities were set-up accordingly as well as experienced personnel were hired, trained and certified to serve the needs of the projects.

Furthermore, Special Processes were set-up by Mevaco S.A. and certified – approved by Raytheon Company, while  Mevaco S.A. was included in the Raytheon’s approved source catalogue for following processes:

  1. Fusion Welding per AWS-D17.1 & AWS-D1.1 as modified by WS33739. The requirements of AWS-B2.1 were fulfilled for the qualification of the procedures and certification of welders personnel .
  2. Spot Welding per AWS-D17.2
  3. Penetrant Inspection per ASTM-E1417
  4. Magnetic Particles Inspection per ASTM-E1444
  5. Paint (CARC – Corrosion Agent Resistant Coating per MIS-20007)
  6. Conductive Coating per MIS-41252
  7. Walking compound covered Gratings Manufacturing per MIS-20179

Other Special Processes involved but outsourced (by Raytheon or NADCAP approved processors) were the following:

  1. Chromate Conversion of Aluminum Alloys (Alodine) per MIL-C-5541.
  2. Passivation of Stainless Steel per QQ-P-35
  3. Cadmium Plating of Steel per QQ-P-416

During all this period I was / am assigned as the Manager of the Defense Dept of Mevaco S.A. taking also the responsibility of the Quality Manager of Se@NNet Greek Navy Telecomunications System Improovement.

In total 4 main contracts between MEVACO S.A. & Intracom Defense Electronics (I.D.E. S.A.).

Time Period: January 2017 – until today