About Us

GOahead was founded in 2003, by Georgios N. Organopoulos, Mechanical Engineer and Welding Engineer.

Our Μission and Vision is to use the experience of 30 years in the development of management systems in Greek industry, in order to help Greek companies of all types, forms and types to install ISO management systems that will contribute to their development and improvement.

Our strategy to achieve the abovementioned Vision includes:

- The targeting of customers who really need our services, something that adds additional value to our work and our social contribution.

- The respect and the responsibility that we demonstrate to our customer throughout the lifecycle of our cooperation.

- The evaluation of our capability to fulfil the requirements of the projects we are requested to participate, in order to undertake projects that we are able to carry out.

- The selection of the appropriate partners and other resources for each project.

- The training - guidance of the people of our team, in order to cope with current and emerging needs and additionally the conservation of a mood of confidence - cooperation between the members of our team.

- The respect to the society, the environment and the singularity of everyone.

- The respect to the institutional, regulatory, legal requirements that govern our business operation.

  • The promotion of our activities, through the social networks and the synergies we participate.

- The daily effort to achieve what our MOTTO stands for, i.e.